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Energy Rating of Windows

The Swedish Energy Agency initiated the Window Energy Rating in year 2006. In 2009 the Window Energy Rating and Labeling was passed on to EQ Windows, a non-profit organization representing manufacturers of Energy Rated Windows.

The board of EQ Windows decided in year 2010 to let the rating itself be granted by a Certified Body according to an accredited method. The method has been accredited aaccording to EN-standards.

Important information to window manufacturers:

All window manufacturers that want to rate their windows offered on the Swedish market, can address to a a testing institute or similar body that is accredited for the Swedish voluntary window energy rating system.

The EQ Window Energy Rating Application rules can be downloaded as pdf - see below. The Annex 2 that must be attached to the application is Annex III in the CPR that you can download from the following site:

If the test institut that normally tests your windows has not yet applied for accreditation, you can urge them to do so or send your application to an accredited body. As soon as we have information on accredited bodies, we will publish them on this site.

Application for Accreditation

If you are a “Notified Body” and want to energy rate windows, please contact SWEDAC, for more information. Application forms can be downloaded here

SWEDAC, Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment, is a government authority for quality and safety. SWEDAC answers to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs as well as the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications. SWEDAC is the Swedish accreditation body, which means to accredit laboratories, certification and inspection bodies. SWEDAC assesses and notifies organizations performing testing and certification according to EU legislation, so called ‘Notified bodies’.

Application for membership

Window manufacturers with windows rated according to the ackredited Swedish system EQ Windows, can apply for membership in the organization EQ Windows. Send us a letter of intent including Appendix 1 and 2 - see below. All applications with requested documentation will be processed during the next board meeting. 


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You are welcome to download the papers below that describe the background to window energy rating.

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