Energy windows and ventilation work together to give a better indoor climate

New windows create new requirements in terms of the house’s ventilation system.

This is how you get fresh air in!

Energy-rated windows save money and are good for the environment

Replacing windows on your house is a big investment, but if you opt for energy-rated windows, the replacement pays for itself directly in the form of lower heating costs.

New energy-rated products set extremely high quality requirements in terms of air permeability (air tightness), which is an extremely important characteristic of energy efficiency and comfort in your property.

The difference between various windows

At the same time, you increase the value of your house, which also becomes rather more attractive to look at. Other benefits are enhanced comfort and a smaller environmental footprint.

What is EQ Windows?

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We provide energy-saving advice

EQ Windows is a cooperative venture between leading manufacturers of energy-rated windows.

Together we seek to increase awareness among consumers and decision-makers about the impact of windows on the energy consumption of buildings. The aim is to help achieve energy savings and improve the environment by choosing energy-rated windows.

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Condensation explained

Condensation occurs when very moist air encounters a cold surface. It can occur internally, externally and between the glazing.

The best counter-measures

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What does the label say?

The label on an energy-rated window reveals how the window in question compares to other windows.

What are you looking for?

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Important points about ventilation

To ensure we obtain a good indoor climate, a reliable system is needed to replace the old air inside with fresh air from outside.

How does ventilation work best?

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