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Apply for energy labelling

How does one set about obtaining energy labelling?

Any company that manufactures or distributes windows can energy-rate and label its window product(s). Energy rating and labelling is based on a voluntary labelling system in accordance with EQ Windows’s criteria. You can view the criteria here.

If you want to energy-rate and label your windows, you must apply to a certified body. Certified test bodies can be viewed here, http://www.sp.se/sv/index/services/eqfonster/Sidor/default.aspx

The registration form is available for download here, to be submitted to the accredited test body. Your windows will be tested in accordance with the criteria laid down for approving energy rating and labelling of your windows. The test body decides if your windows will be approved or not. Once you have had your windows approved, you can apply for membership of EQ Windows here.

SWEDAC is currently the only accreditation body that can certify test bodies to perform accreditation in accordance with the criteria, www.SWEDAC.se.

In Sweden, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden has been accredited for energy rating and labelling of windows: www.rise.se

For accreditation bodies that wish to apply for approval to certify test bodies, see Application – Energy labelling.

Test bodies that wish to apply for approval to perform accreditation for EQ Windows must contact an accreditation body, read more here.

Approved Manufacturers