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Calculate your energy savings

Our energy calculator will give you an approximate estimate of how much you can save by fitting energy-rated windows to an existing building. However, regardless of whether you are engaged in a new-build or a renovation, we recommend that you seek professional help to devise the best options and accurate figures.

Smaller heat source on a new-build

Are you intending to build from new? Bear in mind that you can reduce the house’s heating requirements by opting for an energy window with a low U-value. There are potential money savings in your choice of heat source – a smaller heat source means lower investment costs.

If the building is commercial premises that require cooling, a lot of money can be saved in having a lower installed cooling capacity if you opt for windows with efficient solar control glass and a low U-value.

Reduce the indoor temperature on a conversion

In terms of window installation, the additional cost of a more expensive window with lower U-value can pay for itself, because you can reduce the indoor temperature and still experience greater comfort. Reduced heat losses save money and reduce environmental impact.

For larger projects, you should have an energy balance calculation undertaken in order to identify the potential savings inherent in better windows.

LCC calculation shows the long-term cost

LCC stands for Life Cycle Cost, and this calculation method takes into account the energy costs over the entire lifecycle of the window. The calculation can also be supplemented with maintenance costs and anticipated energy price trends. The LCC calculation calculates the total energy cost, including the investment cost, in terms of present money value.

In addition to the potential energy savings from windows with lower U-values, the calculation also includes energy savings deriving from reduced indoor temperature. By choosing windows with low U-values, the current room temperature can be reduced by one or more degrees while still maintaining comfort. Each degree by which the temperature is reduced reduces heating requirements by approximately 5%.

You can try out an LCC calculation yourself using BELOK’s general LCC calculation.

Or you can seek help from your window supplier.

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