Step by step towards more energy-efficient windows

Energy rating of various products has become increasingly important as awareness of climate change has grown throughout the world – and this interest is still growing.


10 approved manufacturers that offer energy-rated products on the Swedish market


The Swedac accreditation body accepts new guidelines for energy labelling and rating. Manufacturers that wish to have their windows energy-rated (and therefore labelled) can apply to a test body accredited for energy rating of windows intended for sale on the Swedish market.


Demand from buyers and distributors for windows labelled with their energy rating increases continually.


The interest group EQ Windows is formed and promotes voluntary labelling without the involvement of the Swedish Energy Agency. The board of the new group decides that energy rating and labelling should be based on a specific method and should only be awarded by accredited test bodies approved by the EU. This process took a long time and there was little progress in energy rating and labelling until 2012.


Voluntary energy labelling of windows is introduced in Sweden on the initiative of the Swedish Energy Agency. The aim is that consumers should choose more energy-efficient windows and that Sweden, as a result, should save energy and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions.


Eight countries take part in an EU project with the aim of introducing voluntary energy labelling in Europe. The idea is not new – voluntary energy labelling of windows was started in the USA as far back as 1985 and had subsequently been introduced with great success in several countries.